Rémy Babin Real estate broker

Haling from the complex and very competitive environment of sales and consulting services in the field of technology, Rémy has stood out with large US companies such as Oracle and CDK Global.

His live spirit, his ability to understand critical issues for his clients and his outstanding negotiating skills make him a powerful ally.

Growing up in Ville St-Laurent, Rémy bought his first property at the age of 23 on Parc Avenue, in his favorite neighborhood, the Mile-End! A proud resident of the area, he decided to make it his new home and, alongside his career in technology, he invested in real estate.

Those who know him know that the profession of real estate broker is natural for Rémy. It didn't take long for him to carve out a strong reputation in the industry. His desire to always do better drives his hard work. This is what led him to join Team YE / Sarrazin in 2020, with whom he shares the same values and the same desire for excellence.

A graduate in Business Administration with a specialization in finance, Rémy has completed countless training sessions and seminars on sales and negotiations, and has himself become a trainer, coach and performance consultant for many SMEs.

Father of 2, he is passionate about hockey, a sport he still plays and for which he trains constantly. Sports and training give him the balance and the strength he needs to keep the cruising speed he has set for himself!

I am a member of Team Sarrazin.

An undisputed leader in real estate sales in central Montreal. This association allows me to offer a high-end consulting service to both sellers and buyers. The power of marketing and the well-established operational group of Team Sarrazin allow me to stand out from the competition. Check out our Google testimonials for proof, or even better, give us a call!

Member of team Sarrazin
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